Is the deposit refundable?

In short, no. We work on a first come, first serve basis and can guarantee a starting date for a project only once a deposit has been received. Deposits are non-refundable. We reserve the right to mark a project as inactive if there is a delay of actionable feedback from the client for a period [...]

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How many revisions do we offer?

All quoted projects have an allowance of 2 sets of client amendments. You are free to make more than 2 sets of changes. However  additional changes will be charged at our hourly rate. That being said, we make every effort to ensure you love your design and generally, two sets of revisions are enough.

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Do we provide website maintenance + updates services?

Yes, we do. We understand that your time and resources are best spent on interacting with customers. In other words, growing your business. Therefor we offer care plans for your website, to ensure everything is running smoothly. We do what we do best and similarly you get to do what you do best! For more [...]

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What is the timeframe per project?

Time frames can vary depending on the project type as well as the complexity of it. Once a deposit has cleared, the design drafts begin. Usually the process of finding the concept is the most labor intensive, so turnaround time would be different. We do our best to set up the best time frame for [...]

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Do we offer printing services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide printing services. When it comes to printable designs like business cards, we provide you with print ready files. You can have it printed at the printers of your choice, or we are happy to make recommendations. Therefore feel free to connect with us.

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What does our design process look like?

We do our best to make the process as stress free as possible for both parties. First we’ll chat (over a call, in person or via email) and get to the nitty gritty of your brand needs. From there, we’ll come up with some ideas and collect brand inspiration for you to have a look [...]

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What are our payment terms?

With majority of projects we request a 50% deposit in order to start designing. The remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project. For a free quote, lets connect and discuss your project.

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What are our design fees based on?

Our design fee depends on the scope and needs of your project. Since no two projects are identical, we don’t offer a set price list. However, we would be delighted to get in touch to discuss your brief and requirements in order to provide you with a quote. Feel free to connect with us.

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Why do you need a online presence?

The time dedicated to building an online presence for your business is time well spent. Building an online presence isn’t just beneficial to growing a small business—it’s absolutely essential. By becoming active in social media, you’ll be more accessible to a wider audience. It allows customers or potential customers to engage with your business easily. You’ll also [...]

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What do we think makes a good website?

Modern websites need to accomplish several tasks, but mainly it should be self explanatory and easy to use. It needs to explain what your business is, what products and services you have to offer and simplify communication.  This quote from Steve Jobs hits the nail on the head: “Design is not just how it looks [...]

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